Dog Grooming Services

At Ruffles, each appointment will start with a free consultation to discuss your dog’s grooming needs. Before any grooming commences we will conduct a comprehensive health check and, depending on your dog’s coats condition and health, we will choose a suitable natural, chemical free shampoo and conditioner.

We always consider the dog’s welfare first and adhere to The Animal Welfare Act 2007, therefore, if your dog’s fur is heavily matted, and requires more than 20 minutes of dematting, I will advise you of a proposed solution before moving ahead.

Full Groom, from £37

A full grooming treatment includes a two wash bath using a chemical free, natural shampoo and conditioner, a blow dry and brush out, ears cleaned with excess hair removed, nail clipping, hygiene trim, pad clearing, body styling as discussed during the consultation and finished with a natural fragrance.

Please note the exact price of a groom depends on size, coat condition and grooming style of your dog.

Bath & Dry, from £20

A two wash bath using a chemical free, natural shampoo and conditioner, a blow dry (no cage dryers used) and brush out, ears cleaned , nail clipping, pad clearing and finished with a natural fragrance.

Puppy Introduction, from £20

A puppy introduction is incredibly important in order to build your puppy’s confidence and trust of the grooming process. This service is available once your puppy is fully vaccinated and will last between 40 to 60 minutes. Within this session your puppy will be bathed in a chemical free, puppy shampoo, have a gentle blow dry, their ears cleaned with a natural cleanser, nails trimmed, pads cleared and finished off with a natural fragrance.

We will move at a pace that your puppy is happy and comfortable with to ensure no negative association to grooming is formed.

Hand Stripping, from £45

The hand stripping grooming process is designed for wire haired breeds in order to remove the dead outer coat without using scissors or clippers. This technique allows room for the new coat to grow through, retaining the coat’s natural texture and colour. A two wash bath using a natural shampoo is included two weeks after the hand stripping process to prevent skin irritation, as well as ear cleaning, nail clipping and pad clearing.

An exact price will be given at the pre-treatment consultation as factors such as time since last hand-strip and condition of the coat will determine time needed to complete this treatment.

Blueberry Facial, additional £5

Our blueberry facial is most effective in conjunction to a bath or full grooming package. This gentle blend of oatmeal and blueberry effectively cleanses your dogs face whilst removing dirt, beard and tear stains.

Nail Clipping, £8

Eye Trim, £5

Anal Glands, on request

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